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This innovative grease outperforms all other food grade greases like calcium base, clay base and even aluminum complex base greases. ... very high viscosity base oil and does not contain any asphalt. Royal Ultimate 2500 Grease is a high performance service lubricant for heavily loaded gears for construction, mining, cement, iron, paper, sugar ...

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Innovative high performance solutions for food grade applications High performance speciality lubricants satisfy the highest safety requirements for your peace of mind. Explore our comprehensive range of H1 and 3H registered lubricants and greases for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Our food grade lubricants are H1 registered to provide you with absolute assurance of...

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Looking for the best and high performance grade greases? Search no further! Fluid Sloutions Inc. can provide you with the best grease products in the Philippines! Talk to us.

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Food Grade Lubricants | BECHEM’s comprehensive range of high performance food grade grease comply to NSF guidelines and are recommended for a wide array of demanding applications.

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LE’s food grade oils and greases play a key part in reducing maintenance and operating costs for food and beverage facilities. Our high-performance H1 and H2 products include solutions for heat, cold, moisture, rust and oxidation (R & O), and wear. LE has a food machinery lubricant solution for the majority of applications and operating ...

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Food Grade H1 Aerosols; Aerosols and Cleaners; Food Grade H1 Grease, Gel, Paste; High Performance Greases; Synthetic Oils & Fluids; Mineral Oils & Fluids; Food Grade H1 Synthetic Fluids ... High Performance Greases. Corporate Headquarters. 150 Enterprise Drive Wentzville, MO 63385 Ph: ...


performance abilities. This technology is combined with a new high viscosity, partial synthetic food-grade base fluid to make JAX Halo-Guard FG the most effective food-grade grease for heavily-loaded applications. This is a true high-performance, plant-wide food- grade grease. Note: NZ (Non-Zinc) versions NZ-2 and NZ-LT available upon request.

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High performance fluorinated greases based upon PFPE. They are characterized by their wide temperature range, long-life lubrication and chemically inert properties. This makes the fluorinated greases suitable for many different applications, like oxygen en gas industry for example. Do you have any questions about our high performance greases?

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Foodmax Grease ALU M. Outstanding food-grade grease with high water resistance and suitable for heavy loads. Description. Foodmax Grease ALU M is a range of aluminium complex greases designed for the lubrication of almost any application which requires a food grade lubricant.

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High Performance Greases - BECHEM offers a wide range of lubricating greases, high temperature greases, open gear lubricants, water resistant greases, high load grease, multipurpose EP grease, food grade grease, plastic part lubricants, high speed grease, wire rope greases, noise dampening grease, silicone greases and grease for electrical contacts.

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High-Performance Multi-Purpose Petroleum-Based Greases High-Performance Multi-Purpose Synthetic Greases Multi-Purpose Gear Bearing Chain & Recirculating Fluids And Oils


HIGH TEMPERATURE/ HIGH PERFORMANCE GREASES admin June 26, 2018 July 4, 2018 ELBA LITHOPLEX 142 143 Elba Lithoplex is premium lithium grease designed for both automotive and industrial applications.


HIGH TEMPERATURE/ HIGH PERFORMANCE GREASES; FOOD GRADE GREASES; MILTIPURPOSE PURPOSE GREASES; SPECIALTY GREASES; ... HIGH TEMPERATURE/ HIGH PERFORMANCE GREASES admin June 26, 2018 July 4, ... ELBA HT 2 Grease is formulated in a lighter NLGI 2 grade for better performance and pump ability at cold temperatures while providing maximum, long ...

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CS-FG EP-2 High Performance, Multi-Purpose, Calcium Sulfonate, Food Grade Grease CS-FG EP-2 is calcium sulfonate thickened incidental food contact grease which offers ... More information See the other products

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High Performance Greases & Lubricants ... AL-F Food Grade Grease. Industrial-grade lubricant designed to meet the greasing needs of the Food & Beverage Industry. Al-F Food Grade Grease reduces friction and wear. This versatile grease can be used with many types of equipment and parts. From $23.06. See Options.

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Technologically advanced food-grade calcium sulphonate grease which has excellent mechanical stability, high load carrying performance and high drop point. Outperforming other high temperature greases such as aluminium complex grease, lithium complex grease or polyurea grease.

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High performance, high temperature grease SKF LGHP 2 is a premium quality mineral oil based grease, using a modern Polyurea (di-urea) thickener. It is suitable for electric motors and similar applications.


Clarion Food Grade Lubricants Clarion Food Grade Lubricants includes white mineral oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, synthetics and specialty lubricants. This line is widely used in a variety of food processing operations as well as the manufacturing of drugs and cosmetics.


Suppliers of high performance lubricants and tribology. Greases, comp and hydraulic oils, industrial gear oils, general oils, engine transmission oils, food grade oils, all lubricants

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Fluid Solutions Inc. offer the best and most reliable food grade greases, grease lubricant, hydraulic and compressor oils that are perfectly tailored for your industrial needs. Talk to us!

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Food Grade Grease. Aluminium complex thickened lubricating grease based on pharmaceutical white oils, suitable for lubrication in applications where there is the possibility of incidental or accidental food contact. High performance universal food machinery grease.