EP (Extreme Pressure / Active) Industrial Lubricants

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Dorf Ketal Extreme Pressure and Antiwear PX 3846 .

Dorf Ketal Extreme Pressure and Antiwear PX 3846 is based on a C12-C14 t-alkyl amine phosphate. Suitable for automotive and industrial gear oils, greases and turbine oils. Exhibits extreme pressure (EP), antiwear (AW) and anticorrosion pr

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NA-LUBE ® EP. Extreme Pressure Additives Light-colored, low odor sulfurized olefins and sulfurized fatty acid esters for industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids. NA-LUBE ® AO. Antioxidants Phenolic and aminic antioxidants that are used in a broad range of industrial lubricants, engine oils, and greases. Reduces ...

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When the moving or sliding surfaces are under very high pressure and speed, a high local temperature is attained. Under such condition, liquid lubricant fails to stick to the moving parts and may decompose and even vaporize. To meet this extreme p...

Extreme Pressure / Antiwear Additive - IRGALUBE® TPPT .

Extreme Pressure / Antiwear Additive - IRGALUBE® TPPT. ... Extreme Pressure / Antiwear Additive - IRGALUBE® TPPT. Chemical. description Triphenyl phosphorothionate, typically containing 9% phosphorus and 9.4% sulfur ... Industrial lubricants: 0.2-1.0% -antiwear hydraulic fluids -Grease -lubricants with ...

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Examples: AW (anti-wear) and EP (extreme pressure) additives. Additives are selected based on the requirements of the application. Speed index The speed factor indicates the permissible bearing speed range for lubricants. The perma lubricant overview indicates the max. speed for grease lubrication of deep groove ball bearings.

Vrinda Petroleum & Chemicals Pvt. - Supplier .

EP AGENT- SULPHURISED EXTREME PRESSURE ADDITIVES. EPS-10 is a range of Sulfurised extreme pressure additives produced from Fatty Oil. These products have good solubility in mineral oil & having high load carrying anti wear properties.

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Find your extreme pressure oil easily amongst the 48 products from the leading brands on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases. ... EP industrial gear oils with excellent extreme pressure ... Nonfoaming Synthetic Oil Lets You Go Green Without Sacrificing PerformanceLE’s Earthwise™ lubricants are ...

The Effects of EP Additives on Gearbox

Active sulfur in some EP additives reacts with the copper within the brass or bronze. Sulfur, when in contact with copper along with the presence of heat, forms copper sulfide. This simple chemical reaction can have devastating repercussions on the reliability of machines. In extreme pressure situations, copper disulfide can be formed.

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It protects bronze bull gears from excessive wear in enclosed worm gearboxes, providing superior oxidation resistance in high-temperature applications where extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants cannot be used. Other LE gear oils that may work for specific worm gear applications include: H1 Quinplex White Gear Lubricant; Monolec Syn Industrial Oil

Extreme Pressure - NA-LUBE EP 5000 Series - Extreme .

Low odor, low sulfur, light colored EP / AW with improved solubility and oxidative stability: Extreme Pressure - NA-LUBE EP 5000 Series HOME WHO WE ARE HELP/FAQ CAREERS ASK A CHEMIST. GO. Products ... % Active Sulfur. Viscosity @ 40°C(cSt) Description TDS Sample; ... Technical Support Coatings Lubricants Rubber Specialty.

Antiwear Additives: NA-LUBE AW 6000 Series | King .

Multifunctional additive with excellent extreme pressure/antiwear and antioxidation properties. Can be used as an ashless alternative to zinc dialkyldithiophosphates in industrial lubricants, greases, and metalworking fluids.

Grease - Acti

EP Grease. Lithium EP Greases are smooth textured, lithium based grease having good extreme, anti-oxidant and antirust properties and available in all consistency ranges from NLGI 00 to 4 for various industrial applications.

Extreme Pressure / Antiwear Additive - IRGALUBE® 232 : BASF

Extreme Pressure / Antiwear Additive - IRGALUBE® 232. ... Light yellow liquid : Applications and t ypical treat levels Industrial lubricants-antiwear hydraulic fluids-greases ... a suitable replacement for ZnDTP in industrial lubricants -Active on CIGRE ...

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ormulation of industrial lubricants requires the selection of a number of different additive types such as antioxi-dants, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, emulsifiers, extreme pressure (EP) agents, lubricity additives, pour point depressants and viscosity index (VI) improvers. Within each category, the formulator is also faced

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Chlorine, potassium-borate and sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure (EP) additives are primarily used for industrial gear lubricants. These additives are temperature-activated and react with metal asperities to form a sacrificial film. Unfortunately, these types of EP additives have some limitations ...

Lithium Grease Lubricant | Products & Suppliers .

Find Lithium Grease Lubricant related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Lithium Grease Lubricant information. ... Features: EP (Extreme Pressure / Active) Type: Grease / Gel; Supplier Catalog Go To Website Download ... Industrial Lubricants - Extremely High Viscosity Grease With Solid ...

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AUTOL TOP 2000 is a multipurpose green anhydrous calcium grease formulated with mineral and synthetic base oils for longer regreasing intervals. It contains a special polymer that imparts exceptional adhesive properties and an EP (Extreme Pressure) additive that makes it especially suitable for resistance to loads and vibrations. AUTOL TOP 2000 is designed to be used in severe operating ...

Greases for Plain and Roller Bearings | FUCHS .

EP (extreme pressure) lubricating greases are greases that contain special, so-called EP active substances (EP additives or solid lubricants). Thus, a higher load-carrying capacity can be achieved, as is necessary, for example, in guide roller bearings in a continuous casting application.


Additin® EP Extreme-pressure additives (light and dark, active and in­ active sulfur carriers) Sulfurized compounds like fatty oils, fatty acids and/or olefins, esters Improves extreme-pressure characteristics (load-carrying capacity) and protection against wear Metalworking fluids, transmission and slide­ way oils, greases

Extreme pressure grease - All industrial manufacturers .

Find your extreme pressure grease easily amongst the 129 products from the leading brands (SKF, OKS, TIMKEN, ...) on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases. ... lubricant grease / synthetic / for gears / industrial EP 68. ... They are extreme pressure synthetic lubricants of optimum quality, to be used in a wide ...