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A lot of the newer mowers have sealed bearing units ... that I don't like. Dad's Honda tractor (the deck) gets really noisy after mowing for 30 minutes or more. ... bob_ninja Re: What grease for mower spindles? ... The first thing I look at when buying a new piece of equipment is how many grease fittings are there, and where are they at! No ...

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dust caps or bearing buddys? Search Fishin.com: Welcome! Please ... the nut on the spindle i take it all the way in snug tight to ensure the bearing seat good on the races with the new grease then back it off to the next slot to put the pin in. ... The water getting into the bearings will cause the bearing failures. A good sealed hub will last ...

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If you are replacing your bearings, you will pack them with grease in the same manner. Installation is the reverse of removal: replace the bearings, then reinstall the bearing nut, the safety cap, the cotter pin, and the dust cap. Some people like to add a little more grease to the party at these stages.

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If you have disc brakes, repacking wheel bearings isn’t a difficult job. It’s just that you may not get the calipers back on right, which could cause your brakes to malfunction. If you have drum brakes, go right ahead and repack the bearings yourself. Follow these steps to repack the wheel bearings for drum brakes:

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Maybe the owner's manual states that "the hubs have bearings that are sealed" rather than "the hubs have a sealed bearing that doesn't need grease". The only thing that can happen if they are a sealed bearing is that the hub may contain too much grease and that may creep into the interior of the hub where the brake shoes are located.

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I will be installing new front wheel bearings on my car, and I would like to repack the new sealed bearing with a good grease to make them last longer. I was thinking Mystik high temp would be good for this. What do you suggest would be good?

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Just finished repacking the front, and finally boughta new speedo cable (its been over two years sice I had one) to keep water out of the bearings. ... Boston Bob built 2.0 L, FI, MSD 6A ... right you would need to remove the rear bearing housings completely and have them machined with worm tracks to deliver grease through the entire bearing ...

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Thoroughly coat the inside of the cups with new grease. Use enough that a ball bearing sticks firmly in place when placed in the cup. ... it’s a matter or replacing the sealed bearing w/ another or going further and repacking the sealed bearing w/ grease. ... Bob Smurdly, i ride a lot. Answered May 4, ...

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How to Service Motorcycle Steering-Head Bearings. Aside perhaps from tires, no other component affects your motorcycle's steering and handling more than the bearings inside the bike's steering head, where the fork meets the frame.

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During disassembly, the aluminum seal in the back of the spindle was oxidized and shed some crap into the rear spindle bearing (which is not sealed or shielded). The grease in there looked beyond terrible, somewhat like brown wax.

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I didn't get a manual for the axle with our 3585, but the dealer recommended repacking the wheel bearings at 500 miles and then annually. Does anyone know the recommended frequency? Thanks!

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Hey dudes, I'm needing help after buying a hub rebuild for my rear drum sporty wheel. Seems like the bearing lock nut is reverse thread but the hub it self is regular thread, everything would fit perfect except the threads aren't matching up, it is a new lock nut, so some would say use your old nut, well my wheel didn't come with one.

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Thoroughly grease the bearings by working grease around rollers then pack the hub interior before installing a new grease seal in the back of hub. Bearing grease quality and compatibility is another important consideration, especially for boat trailers that are commonly submerged in water after a long road haul.

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By avoiding three common mistakes when greasing bearings you can predict the right time to grease, know how much grease to apply, and be confident in the bearing’s overall health. Mistake 1 – Lubricating Is Based on Time instead of Condition. Lubricating a bearing once per week or once per month may seem like a sensible thing to do.

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I will be servicing both wheels on a 99 soon and inspecting and repacking the bearings is on the list. Figured there is probably a sealed replacement option by now. So, once again, can you go from timken to sealed by simply removing the old seal/bearing/race and pressing in the updated sealed bearing and using the new sealed bearing spacers?

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Conventional tapered wheel bearings need regular service, which is simple and takes just an hour or so. It started as a faint squeal a few weeks ago, but lately a grinding sensation has been added ...

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Bob & Deb Diesel the black lab 2003 30' Cedar Creek rlbs 5 th wheel 2003 F 350 crew cab srw ... Posts: 271 i grease mine yearly (probably too often) but i have the easy lube hubs, new grease in, old grease out. you can't over-grease them as long as you're careful not to blow a seal and grease your brakes. ... I'm leaving to get some lights and ...

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I replaced mine shortly after purchase (~110K or so) original Toyota grease OEM/Koyo bearings, the grease around the bearings was completely blackened, the filler in the hub was kind of thicker than I would think it should be but color was good (beer color) the bearings were somewhat worn with a brushed look on the rollers and races, they could have been repacked reused but I had bought new ...

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Repacking Bearings. ... Thanks TQuentin1 you were right they are sealed wheel bearings, like I said new to it all. Thanks for the link Glider, sorry I wasn't more specific and said wheel bearings but it is in the wheels thread. ... Replace them anyway every few tires, they are cheap and your life is worth it. I lost a front wheel bearing at ...

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Now all is clean and ready to re-grease. to pack the bearing you can do it old school or new school. Us old school will place a wad of grease in the palm of one hand and hold the bearing in the other.

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I clean my bearings out (with solvent and air dry) the tiny bit of factory grease and then repack with Belray waterproof grease, this is not mixing greases, the bearing is clean before I repack it. If nothing else, it clears my conscience. Bob